Killarney Heights

An 80’s ugly duckling in a northern coastal suburb of Perth is transformed into a modern beach house. A typical facade of textured render, built in planters and round pillars coupled with a ‘tropical’ pool complete with moss rock water feature has been replaced with a concept based on luxury, simplicity and the beach lifestyle. We were starting with a blank canvas, removing the dated pool, palm trees and anything else that hinted to when the house was built.

The properties great location, opposite the ocean, came with some drawbacks. The foundation of the property was sand, dune sand. This meant replacing the sand in garden beds, with a good quality soil. The wind proved a constant reminder that the planting had to be hardy and durable. A mix of native grasses and exotic species tolerant of coastal conditions combined with simple yet detailed layout, extensive lighting and a sophisticated pallet of colours and textures brings this renovated beauty into the 21st century.

AG incorporated elements introduced onto the new facade of the renovated structure into the garden in small amounts to create a harmony between home and garden. Raised planters and

Killarney Heights

12 months

Landscape Garden Design, Paving, Decking, Pool Design and Build