Acanthus Green

A fully integrated Perth based Landscaping Company, Acanthus Green can take you from design through to construction, incorporating function and form to create the perfect garden to compliment your home and enhance your life.


The Acanthus was one of the first plants to be stylised and used for decorative purposes in architecture, believed to be the design inspiration for the Corinthian column capitals of Greco-Roman architecture. The foliage of Acanthus has been used continually throughout the years since, in architecture and in the decoration of homes making it a timeless design symbol. We use this symbol to represent our passion to create simple, elegant gardens that will last.


Emphasis is placed on creating harmony between house and garden, drawing inspiration from the existing architecture and elements of your lifestyle. Hard-scaping techniques will give structure and definition to the garden while to soften and create balance, a simple yet sophisticated planting scheme encompasses these elements to create an elegant and inviting garden to enjoy and live in.


Sustainable design is very important to us here at AG. Emphasis is put on an edible garden incorporating fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. Utilising solar passive design principals we encourage the use deciduous, and non deciduous Trees and climbers to create shade and canopies instead hard roofed structures. These elements, along with smart water wise watering systems help create a Green Garden.


AG is a one-point reference service ensuring the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail. As the principal designer Craige Matthews will work with you from the early design stages handing over to Ben Godridge, who will manage the construction of your garden. AG’s team of professionals provide a fully integrated service executing the design as planned.

Meet The Team

craige matthews

head designer

Craige’s passion for gardening and garden design started at an early age. Growing up in a household that valued the beauty and value of an ever evolving garden, has given him insight into balancing the practical and aesthetical values plants hold. Moving away from his gardening surroundings, Craige completed a Diploma in Industrial Design specialising in furniture design, another interest that has now been incorporated into AG. After completing Industrial Design, he was drawn back to his green thumb roots and completed a Diploma in Horticulture.

Combining the two qualifications, Craige works together with the clients, architects and builders to create a practical well designed garden that will incorporate home and garden into one.

ben godridge

project manager

Co-director of Acanthus Green, Ben maintains the position of construction manager. Drawing from 14 years experience in design and construction- his love for aesthetics, through to building and construction, Ben’s contribution to AG is reflected in his knowledge of construction.

Ben’s determination for pushing the boundaries of construction methodology and detailing, enable AG to remain one of Perth’s best landscape design and construction companies. Attention to detail ensures the quality if finish is at its highest.